What is Travel BPO?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) involves the contracting of specific business processes from one business to a third-party provider. For the travel industry, BPO for travel handles all operations that encompass the travel process, from reservations outsourcing, transportation and hotel bookings and logistics. Online companies typically outsource travel processes to cut costs, streamline in-house operations, boost sales and customer satisfaction.

How Can BPO for Travel Save a Business Money?

Outsourcing operations travel processes is not only cost effective but also extremely efficient. Advances in global technology, collaborative work environments, and real-time audio/visual communications have revolutionized the way online businesses get work done. Travel BPO is a product of these advances; a way for businesses to outsource, normally expensive travel, transportation, and hospitality processes to specialists who can get the job done faster, more efficiently and for less money.

Travel BPO Modalities

The function of a Travel BPO company depends on the outsourcing business. Be it travel and hospitality, tourism, and/or transportation — a highly skilled reservations BPO company can deliver to any kind of operational modality. For example, an airline might outsource its fare auditing or revenue accounting processes. A travel agency might outsource its ticket reservation process.
Travel BPO also handles front office or back office processes. Front office BPO include projects that deal directly with customers. Back office BPO includes administrative projects that do not touch the public. For example, an airline might outsource its front office phone-based customer service to an offshore Travel BPO call center. Alternatively, it might outsource a back office process, such as the company’s payroll and accounting processing system.

BPO for Every Industry

While it’s extremely valuable for the travel industry, BPO outsourcing touches every industry worldwide. It is particularly useful for sales, lead-generation, call center support, supply chain support and customer service. For example, companies that ship products to fulfill orders can operate an internal shipping department or can outsource to save time and money. If this type of non-travel industry business outsourced an unrelated process, it would be considered standard BPO rather than specialized travel BPO.

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