ITIL Foundation

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL, is a set of tools in ITSM, ISO/IEC 20000 (IT Service Management Code of Practice), focusing on setting up a connection between IT Services and business working. It standardizes the concept of service delivery by eliminating the variations and mistakes in the delivery processes. The widespread adoption of the ITIL guidance has encouraged organizations worldwide, both commercial and non-proprietary, to develop supporting products as part of a shared ‘ITIL Philosophy’. The ITIL publications and supporting schemes are kept up to date with current best practice and changes within the marketplace through a regular review cycle to update content in collaboration with a wide range of international users and stakeholders in the IT service management community.

Advance Innovation Group is an Accredited Examination Centre for PeopleCert and is involved in providing training in ITIL® Foundation and other levels in ITIL.

ITIL helps organization, establish a platform for planning, implementing and measuring the improvements put forth to increase the growth graph of the company. The ITIL follows a list of processes in carrying out service transition.

They are:

  • Planning and implementing an effective process management
  • Developing an improvement strategy for the business processes.
  • Contributing on an effective time management.
  • Reduction in wastage of the resources and reducing on their inefficiency to be used.
  • Improve the quality of productivity and output.
  • Improving the levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Allowing to track a record for measuring the degree of improvement that has been done till date.

The course also includes conducting ITIL® Foundation Examination to be held in collaboration to PeopleCert. The exams will be held at our own centre.

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The training program includes:

An overview of ITIL® Foundation Course which will extend for 12 Hours

  1. ITIL Foundation – An Introduction
  2. Background and History of ITIL
  3. Key features of ITIL
  4. Lifecycle of service
  5. ITIL framework and model

The Foundation Certificate course of ITIL® Foundation extending to 3 days will include:

IT Service Management (ITSM)

  1. Introduction to ITSM
  2. Background and History of ITSM
  3. Concepts of ITSM
  4. Service Lifecycle
  5. ITSM framework and models

Service Strategy – Life Cycle

  1. An Introduction to the concept
  2. Principles of Service Strategy
  3. Service Economics
  4. An overview of Financial Management
  5. Concepts of Demand Management
  6. Portfolio Management services
  7. Strategic management in organizations
  8. Planning Strategy, Policies and Operations
  9. Technological and Strategical Management.
  10. Risks, Returns and Challenges

Service Design – Life Cycle

  1. An Introduction to the approach
  2. Principles of Service Design
  3. Processes of Service Design
  4. Management of Service Catalog
  5. Service Level Management
  6. Management of Capacity
  7. Management of Availability
  8. Management – IT Service Continuity
  9. Information security Management
  10. Supplier Management
  11. Related activities to Service Design technology

Service Transition – Life Cycle

  1. An Introduction
  2. Principles of Service Transition
  3. Processes of Service Transition
  4. Planning and Support of Service transition
  5. Change Management
  6. Management of Service Asset and Configuration
  7. Release & Deployment Management
  8. Valuation and Testing of service
  9. Evaluation of the process
  10. Knowledge Management
  11. Related activities of Service Design technology
  12. Service Transition planning
  13. Technological reflection
  14. Implementation of Service Transaction
  15. Risks, Returns and Challenges

Service Operation – Phase of Life Cycle

  1. An Introduction
  2. Principles of Service Operation
  3. Processes of Service Operation
  4. Incident Management
  5. Event Management
  6. Fulfillment of Request
  7. Management of Problem
  8. Access Management
  9. Activities of Common Service Operation (CSO)
  10. Service Operation planning
  11. Technological Concepts and Considerations
  12. Implementation of Service Operation
  13. Risks, Returns and Challenges

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) – Life Cycle

  1. An Introduction to the strategy
  2. Principles of Continual Service Improvement
  3. Processes of Continual Service Improvement
  4. Improvement Process in 7 simple steps
  5. Reporting process of Service
  6. Measurement criteria of Service
  7. CSI and ROI
  8. CSI and Business FAQs
  9. Management at Service Level
  10. Access Management
  11. Methods and Techniques of CSI